Product Name : AU9560

-USB Smart Card Reader Controller


AU9560 is a highly integrated single chip USB Smart Card reader controller. Highly integration enables the lowest BOM cost of smart card reader. The AU9560 supports multiple international standards including ISO7816 for IC card standard, PC/SC 2.0 for windows smart card standard, Microsoft WHQL, EMV for Europay MasterCard Visa standard and USB-IF CCID standard. The application of AU9560 can be generally applied to Smart Card read/write terminal device, such as ATM, POS terminal, Public telephone, E-Commerce, personal consumption on Internet, personal certification, prepay system, loyalty system…etc.


  1. USB Full-Speed interface, compliant with USB 2.0 Specification
  2. Support single slot
  3. EMVCo 4.3 Level 1 Specification certified
  4. PBOC3.0 Level 1 Specification certified
  5. Support PC Smart Card industry standard-PC/SC 2.0
  6. Support ISO7816 T0, T1 protocol
  7. Support ISO7816 Class A, B, C (5/3/1.8V) cards
  8. Support I2C memory card, SLE4418, SLE4428, SLE4432, SLE4442, SLE4436, SLE5536, SLE6636, AT88SC1608, AT45D041 card and AT45DB041 card via external EEPROM
  9. Support customized USB VID/PID, manufacture/product strings and serial number by external EEPROM via USB interface
  10. Compatible with Microsoft USB-CCID driver
  11. Support remote wake up through inserting card/removing card
  12. Support USB selective suspend
  13. Support Power Saving Mode (Using one pin to select between Normal/PWR Saving Mode)
  14. Support card power over current protection mechanism


SSOP-28, QFN-28