Department Name Date on Board Experience   Remark
Chairman office Dennis Chang 2015/8

Education: Master, Mechanical Engineering. National Taiwan University.
Engineering Director, Trident Microsystems.
Chairman , AlcorMicro Corp.

CEO Jason Fan 2019/3/6 Education: Master, Electric Engineering, University of South California
New business Div. Manager, Richtek Technology Corp.
R&D and Marketing Department Assistant VP, Neodio Technology Corp.
General Manager, Scientronic Inc.
R&D Division 2018/7/6
Finance & Co. operation Division K.Y Kuo 2016/3/1 Education: Master,Business Administration, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
Manager, Corp Finance & Planning, Far EasTone Telecom Corp.
Senior Special Assistant, Alcor Micro Corp.
CFO & Spokesman
Sales & Marketing Division William Yang 2018/1/29 Education: Master,Computer Science, Syracuse University, NY. , USA
Sales Account Manager , Sony Taiwan
Senior Sales Manager , Alcor Micro Corp.
Product Marketing Division Victor Chen 2020/3/12 Education: Master, Electrical Engineering , National Tsing Hua University , Taiwan.
Director of Marketing and SOC BU head, Prolific Technology Inc. 
Executive VP, Alltouch Inc.
VP of R&D Center ,Algoltek Inc.
R&D Division 2020/12/17