Department Name Date on Board Experience   Remark
Chairman Ant Lan 2023.4.6

Master,Business Administration,  National Taiwan University.
Executive Assistant President of Alcormicro Corp.
Director and CEO of Algoltek Corp.
Legal Director Representative of Terawins Inc.

Director Steve Lo 2023.4.6

Education: Master of Business Administration, National University, San Jose, USA.
Education: Master of Computer Science, California State University – Chico, USA.
Education: Bachelor, Computer Science, Soochow University, Taiwan.
President, Intervideo Inc., USA.

Director K.Y Kuo 2023.4.6 Education: Master,Business Administration, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan.
Manager, Corp Finance & Planning, Far EasTone Telecom Corp.
Senior Special Assistant, Alcor Micro Corp.
Director of Algoltek Inc.
Sales & Marketing Division
Vice President
William Yang 2018.1.29 Education: Master,Computer Science, Syracuse University, NY. , USA
Sales Account Manager , Sony Taiwan
Senior Sales Manager , Alcor Micro Corp.