Title Name Date on Board Main Work/Educational Experience Concurrent Positions Currently Assumed in the Company and Other Companies
Chairman Alcor Micro Corp 2022.6.17   Director of Alcorlink Corp.
Director of SYNCOMM Technology Corp.
Director of Algoltek Inc.
Director of Foxfortune Technology Ventures Limited
Director of Puxunjiu Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Director of Koodata Inc.
Supervisor of Helios Bioelectronics
Legal Director Representative
Steve Lo
2022.6.17 Master of Business Administration, National University, San Jose, USA
Master of Computer Science, California State University – Chico, USA
Bachelor, Computer Science, Soochow University, Taiwan
President, Intervideo Inc., USA
General Manager of the Company
Chairman of IvyRock Asset Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
Legal Director of Gingy Technology Inc.
Director Legal Director Representative
Dennis Chang
2022.6.17 Education: Master, Mechanical Engineering. National Taiwan University.
Engineering Director, Trident Microsystems.
SChairman , AlcorMicro Corp.
Director of Alcor Micro Corp.
Legal Director
Representative of Alcor Micro Tech.(ShenZhen)Ltd.
Director of Alcor Micro Technology (HK)Ltd.
Independent Director of AzureWave Technologies, Inc.
Director Legal Director Representative
K.Y Kuo
2022.6.17 Education: Master,Business Administration, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
Manager, Corp Finance & Planning, Far EasTone Telecom Corp.
Senior Special Assistant, Alcor Micro Corp.
Director of Algoltek Inc.
Vice Chairman、COO & Spokesman of Alcorlink Corp.
Independent Director Heng-Hsiang Wu 2022.6.17 Education: Master of Science
in Accounting, Fu Jen University
Accountant of Defon CPA Firm
Supervisor of TMY Technology Inc
Independent Director Boc-Chang Chen 2022.6.17 Education: Master,Finance, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
assistant manager of Cathay Venture Inc
Senior Manager of Top Taiwan Venture Capital
Senior Manager of Taiwan Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
Vice Chairman of Fubon Securities Venture Capital
Director of HYCON Technology Corp.
Director of KINGZA International CO., Ltd.
Independent Director Yong-Ren Fang 2022.6.17 Education: Master,School of Law, Soochow UniversitySoochow University, Taiwan
Lawyer of Chainye International Law Firm
Lawyer of Chainye International Law Firm