Product Name : AK6625

The AK6625 is designed to deliver outstanding performance for data transmission between PCIe bus and compatible flash card interface. It supports PCIe 1.1 transferring to SD/MS card.



  1. Fully compatible with PCI-E 1.1 High Speed and backward compatible with PCI-E 1.0 specifications
  2. Supports single LUN: SD/MS
  3. Complies with Secure Digital Card (SD) specification up to ver. 3.0(SDXC)
    -   Support SDR-104 / DDR 50
    -   Support CPRM feature
  4. Complies with MultiMedia Card (MMC) specification up to ver. 4.4
  5. Complies with Memory Stick (MS) specification up to ver. 1.43
  6. Complies with Memory Stick PRO (MS_Pro) specification up to ver. 1.05
  7. Complies with Memory Stick PRO-HG (MS PRO-HG) specification up to ver. 1.03
  8. Complies with Memory Stick XC(MSXC) specification up to ver. 1.00-00
  9. Support Intel CPPM power management spec
    -   ASPM, LTR, OBFF
  10. Support L1 power management substrates
  11. Support SSC for SD/MS/MMC card to reduce EMI effect
  12. User-friendly Dynamic icon utility software can display icon message upon insertion/removal of compatible flash cards under Windows
  13. Optimizes performance via multiple sectors transfer