Product Name : AU6479

The AU6479 is a single chip integrated USB 2.0 multimedia card reader controller that enables PC/DVD/Printer to read/write various types of flash media cards.



  1. Support USB V2.0 specification and USB Device Class Definition for Mass Storage, Bulk-Transport V1.0
  2. Support Single LUN, and Multiple 2, 4 and 5 LUNs
  3. Support Windows default Mass Storage Class driver comes from Windows XP/2000/7/8 and 10
  4. Support CompactFlash spec up to ver. 6.0 Ultra DMA mode
  5. Support SD spec up to ver. 3.00
    -   Support SD3.0 SDR-104, SDR-50 and DDR 50
    -   Support high capacity up to 2TB
    -   Support CPRM Function
  6. Support MMC spec up to ver. 4.4
  7. Support Memory Stick spec up to ver. 1.43
  8. Support Memory Stick PRO spec up to ver. 1.05-00
    -   Support MS Formatter function
    -   Support Magic Gate function
  9. Support Memory Stick PRO Duo spec up to ver. 1.11-00
  10. Support Memory Stick PRO-HG spec up to ver. 1.04-00
  11. Support Memory Stick XC Duo Format Specification version1.00-00
    -   Support high capacity up to 2TB
    -   Support power class 0, 1, 2
  12. Support xD Picture Card specification up to ver. 1.2
  13. Support Dynamic Icon Utility
  14. Support LED for bus operating indication. Blinking rate is 1Hz and 50% duty cycle



LQFP-48, LQFP-100, LQFP-128