Product Name : AU84616

The AU84616 is a super speed USB 3.0 compliant Single LUN card reader single chip solution that enables PC/DVD/Printer to read/write various types of flash media cards.



  1. Support USB V3.0 specification and USB Device Class Definition for Mass Storage
  2. Compatible USB V2.0 High Speed and Full Speed specification
  3. Support Single LUNs: SD or eMMC
  4. Support Windows default Mass Storage Class driver comes from Windows XP/2000/7/8 and 10
  5. Support SD spec up to ver. 3.0 and capacity up to 2TB
    -   Support SD3.0 SDR-104, SDR-50 and DDR 50
    -   Support CPRM Function
    -   Compatible MMC spec v4.5
  6. Support Dynamic Icon Utility
  7. Support LED for bus operating indication. Blinking rate is 1Hz and 50% duty cycle